On our flight we took a small stop in Honduras, just to pick up some essentials for the flight. Like cigars, beautiful women, style etc. We had in plan to pick all that, but in Honduras we met Miss Maria Mancini. Honduras girl, with beautiful torpedo shaped body, with German address. She was a perfect match for this trip.

Maria Mancini Postre de Banquete No.2 Torpedo

With full name Maria Mancini Postre de Banquete No.2 Torpedo this cigar belongs also to “entry” group just in cigar world. According to the price and taste. Light bitterness and light creamy notes of the cigar makes perfect balance to the sweetness and leather notes of the Plantation Grande Réserve.

Cigar really wakes up hidden cognac notes from rum. This stop was good idea. Somehow the cigar highlights the tropical sweetness of rum and then are coming the cognac notes again.

Mancini Postre de Banquete cigars are made in Honduras from Cuban cigar seed, and they have a very interesting shape, a little bit “old fashioned” cigar shape. You are probably asking yourself why. Reason: Thomas Mann, the German novelist, described Mancini Postre de Banquete cigars in his novel The Magic Mountain. Thanks to Mann and his novel Mancini factory decided to produce Postre de Banquete in that shape

If you new comer in the cigar and rum world this could be first serious step. Price of cigar and rum is also affordable for all beginners or for hobby smokers. Smoking time requires cca. 40-45 minutes, which is enough for serious smoking without any unwanted side effects, and Plantation Grande Réserve is a perfect rum which gives more than 100% of himself in his price range. As I said it before this was a big surprise for the start of the year.

I hope the rest of the tasting will also be interesting and fun like it was till now.

Till next Sunday where we will see what kind of chocolate they serve on this flight.

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