Rum & chocolate, surely my favorite pairing. Even from pairing rum and cigars. I guess the chocolate wakes up your inner kid. No matter how old are you chocolate will always make you happy. And today we have 6 different Moser Roth Chocolates on the menu.

Dark 85% Cocoa

Dark 70% Cocoa

Orange Almond

Milk Coconut

Bourbon Vanilla


And ofcourse Jacobs Espresso Ristretto. All that with this suprisely good Plantation Grande Réserve rum. So lets start.

JACOBS RISTRETTO & Plantation Grande Réserve

Fresh fruity notes from the first sip of rum and then rich and creamy texture of espresso are not promissing combination. Nice and warm, but thats all. But when you take one rum sip after espresso, you feel the explosion, like the warmth of the espresso continiues further and sudenly there is no fruit aroma, just a trace of oak, leather… It seems like like Plantation with espresso is skipping tropical notes, and going straight to good old combinaton of cognac notes and coffee. Impressive.

DARK 85% COCOA & Plantation Grande Réserve

My favorite bitter sweet simphony, but in this case,unlike espresso, dark chocolate reveals more fruty and sweet notes from rum.

DARK 70% COCOA & Plantation Grande Réserve

This verision is not so wild, it is more suitable for „normal“ people. More creamy taste, but not so fruity finish. A lots of warmer notes. This could be a „classic“. Combination which you expect when you pair rum with chocolate

ORANGE ALMOND & Plantation Grande Réserve

And we have a winner!!! Dark chocolate in combination with orange and almond are exactly what you expect with Plantation. Both sides have the right ingredients from sweetness over the bitterness to the fruitiness which merge into one wonderful combination. But this was not a big surprise, knowing that both sides have almost the same notes and flavors.

MILK COCONUT & Plantation Grande Réserve

Somewhere I found in the finish coconut notes, let’s see how this chocolate will interact with our rum. Despite the milk in the chocolate, coconut notes in combination with orange flavors in rum creates a quite interesting finish. Probably the most interesting in this pairing. Not everyone will agree with me, but you are welcome to try.

BOURBON VANILLA & Plantation Grande Réserve

Actually vanilla with orange and candied fruit makes interesting combination, but something is missing. I dare to say that french heritage from Plantation Grande Réserve likes more warm and dark notes like coffee and cocoa then some creamy notes.

MILK CHOCOLATE & Plantation Grande Réserve

Usually combination of milk chocolate and rum gives that bailey’s taste or simmilar, but in this combination with Plantation Grande Réserve it is total opposite. Very strange aroma, and very strange finish.

Next Sunday is the last Sunday of the longest month in the year. That means our long flight is going to end. What is the best way to end a flight?

Cocktails! We will celebrate with national Barbados cocktail, and with our, now already traditional cocktail of Sunday Rumor-Old Fashioned.

Cheers and have a pleasant flight!

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