Sometimes small things in everyday life can make small noticeable changes in our life. Like starting a late October afternoon with coffee, cigar, and rum ofcourse. Nothing special at first sight, but as time moves prior to evening, we realize how much we enjoy this moment. Even though we didn’t expect that at the beginning when we lit the Oliva Serie V No.4

Oliva Serie V No.4 & Hampden HLCF Classic

Combination of esters from Hampden Estate HLCF and warm nicaraguan walnut notes makes these last warm days on the island even warmer. Despite the small size of 114mm, time with Oliva Serie V No.4 is moving slowly.

Oliva Serie V No.4

No hurry…we are still in a vacation mood, even most of the people are now in their work mood. Time on islands has different perception. In the Rum Diary nobody is in a rush, there are things that have to be done, but still… no rush. Just like here on island Hvar. Everything seems in slow motion, just like the fermentation of HLCF Classic. In fact, most of the rum producers use a few days fermentation process in contrast to Jamaica. They have 14 days in wooden cones where all aromas are developing slowly just like now, when chocolate aromas from Oliva Serie V No.4 pair slowly with orange and banana aromas from rum, bringing us to the childhood when we were enjoying in the chocolate banana sweets or chocolate orange sweets, thinking about nothing except what we gonna do tomorrow. We develop ourselves through time but some things stay the same.

Oliva Serie V No.4

To summarize, that is all that we need on vacation. To feel careless ,like in the time when work was just something that adults do after they drink morning coffee.

Speaking of coffee… Espresso is reserved for next Sunday.

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