On this occasion, Sunday with chocolate and rum, we feel special. It is quite a significant feeling knowing that we are in the last third of October still basking in the sun at a pleasant temperature where we enjoy this 60% rum and chocolates. Without fear of sweating or getting our hands dirty with chocolate. A man could easily get used to life on the island Hvar.

For this purpose we decided to try Croatian artisan chocolates with the interesting name “Taman”.

A small, but very chocolate dedicated company Malo i Slatko d.o.o. which produces interesting chocolates.

Taman Artisan Chocolates

Word Taman in Croatian language means-quite enough. Today we are feeling just enough relaxed for an espresso and some interesting flavored chocolates in combination with Hampden Estate HLCF.


Tropical and refreshing notes from chocolate take us to islands even more distant than Hvar. On some tropical islands, where coconuts grow at every step. The interesting structure of the chocolate slowly melts in the mouth, releasing notes of coconut and citrus, where the lemon grass dominates a little more. However with every sip of rum after the chocolate things are returning to their place. It seems nothing can beat esters from the HLCF Classic. 

After all, wild fermentation in the rum world is also quite a powerful artisan way of production.

Hampden Estate HLCF Classic & Taman Chocolates


This chocolate is bringing us to somebody’s garden here on the Island. Powerful notes of rosemary and sage are direct tickets to one of the thousands of Croatian islands.

You taste it and you feel Dalmatia. In some strange way and we dare not to say what other way, this combination overthrows us, even though it is in total contrast geographically and perceptibly this combination conquers us. 39% milk chocolate with dalmatian herbs and tropical notes of Jamaica do not fit in the same sentence according to common sense, but we are rum lovers… Even writing in October about the best summer book is a sufficient indicator that we are far from common sense, although it is important how a person feels. And we feel great while sipping rum, drinking espresso on the last warm days this summer and enjoying the sea view.


Classic illy espresso  is always a good idea to combine it with rums, and today is also no exception. Classico vs. Classic.

Easy light illy notes with strong ester and fruit notes from Hampden HLCF Classic are a perfect match, even with every sip of rum after the warm espresso sip, Hampden is trying to tell us that he is there. Like we didn’t realize the stronger alcohol burn. No matter how much pairings we made and no matter how much rum sips we took, there is always the first alcohol kick at the beginning. 60% alcohol per volume is quite hard to hide, despite the spectrum of aroma which it  develops after every sip. 

Despite the slightly cooler weather, we don’t want to lose the summer feeling. As we said, time moves slower on the islands, so here on the island of Hvar it’s still not too late for a summer cocktail. Even though it’s gonna be on the last Sunday in October…

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