It’s cold outside, but with a tiki cocktail in hand, it’s getting warmer. In fact, now is the perfect time to travel to tropical shores somewhere and treat yourself to a tiki drink, or at least bring the tropical feeling home to you just before Christmas. Or just jump out of your daily routine and surprise yourself with a Wild Fashioned.


A Top Not(ch) Volcano drink is inspired by Martin Cate’s drink Top Notch, inspired by the Top Notch guy.


The much calmer Clarin now feels itself rising with maracuja and pineapple from the foam of this literally a tropical shaped volcano.


Mouth full of Caribbean taste, fat structure. Clarin is felt at the first sip, and then it somehow penetrates every pore of the ingredient, giving a special note to everything. Like a ghost in the room. We don’t see him, but we feel his presence. A pleasant spirit, we might say. The savage from the beginning of the month is gone. We also find the sweetness of sugar, and the sweet notes of passionfruit, whose bitter notes fit perfectly with the bitterness of Angostura. It’s all there, just emphasized a bit more.


Fruity tropical finish. Maybe the amount of sugar should be less, but hey it is a tropical drink. Perfect balance isn’t what we need, we need joy and relaxation. And with this drink, we can find both. The only thing that bothers me is the hint of acid that comes from the combination of pineapple and lime, but I think that this is more a “problem” of my stomach than the cocktail itself.


When you think you have tried everything, just read this again.


Thanks to the lime peel the Clairin kick is not so potent, but still, it punches your nose. Somewhere in the background Celery is trying to show his strength, but…


Taught by my previous experience with Clairin, I was expecting a stronger kick, but no…

A beautiful coconut flavour that comes from coconut water and coconut flower sugar. After two-three weeks, Clairin seems to have shown his gentlemanly side finally. With the addition of sugar it finally tastes like „real“ rum, although due to its production process and lack of additives, it is Clairin that belongs to the group of real rums. Maybe it just needs a bit of finesse. That’s why I can’t wait to try Clairin Casimir aged 23 months.


Sweet and comfy. More caramel and coconut flavors, very classy.

So we came to the end of our hanging with Clairin. It was interesting and raw. What’s more significant is that it wasn´t artificial. It was pure cane juice, pure taste.

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