I don’t know have you noticed it but it is getting colder outside. Mojitos and Daiquiris are slowly going in the shadow of the cocktail menus leaving more space for warmer winter notes. Some other players are taking their place in the bar. Sometimes after, but mostly after dinner. Players that bring their own aroma with them. No extra citrus from the limes or cherry notes from maraschino. No, no.

These players are more serious.

This particular one, that we have honor to meet today, is coming from Guatemala with number 23.

It is not his age and it isn’t just a number. 23 is much more.

Maybe he was in solera system for 23 years?


Or maybe is just one part of him, the oldest part, 23 years old.


Or the blend contains rums between 6 and 23 years old?

Which could be much closer to the real truth.

Maybe it is 23(00)?

If we speak about 2300 meters above sea level where, according to packaging, rum mature more slowly in the barrels, then we definitely have to open the bottle and make sure that rich aroma, color and flavor are coming above the clouds.

The number on the bottle in rums world is always a rumor, anyway.

All we know is that this fair player is serious one on the market.

With fair price about 40 to 50€ he brings what we actually need, or what we are actually looking for in slightly more expensive rums price range between 80 to 100€

And what is that?

First of all a good story

He was born 1976 in highlands of Zacapa Department, southern Guatemala, and 112 km from Guatemala City, or place where all Zacapa rums are using sugar cane pressed into virgin sugar cane honey which in combination with yeast isolated from pineapples transforms honey into alcohol. In 5 days!

That’s why he is so sweet and complex…

After the distillation in single continuous column he moves to the House above the Clouds where ambience temperature is more stable and oxygen level is lower. That together with dynamic solera system ensure his slower ageing process which at the end build unique style of Ron Zacapa. Of course, we must not forget the influence of the American Whiskey barrels with combination of Sherry and Pedro Ximenez wine barrels. Some rumors mention the finest French oak barrels used for Cognac ageing. According to Zacapa’s rich and complex flavor and according to my palate I am starting to believe in that rumor.

And what is the taste of Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario?

Well you have to wait until next Sunday.

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