Interesting fact about this famous cocktail is that is invented not by the bartender or some chef in the kitchen. It is invented by the engineer. Yep you heard it. And  it is not our unverified rumor or something. His name was Jennings Stockton Cox who came from America to Daiquiri,Cuba in the end of the 18th century, and he was an engineer who was working in the Cuban mines… bla bla bla.

Fun thing is, acording to our unverified rumor, that Cox was throwing a bad ass party with his American colleagues and friends. In that time gin was popular drink among  Americans, so they were drinking gin, but really on that party they were imbibing it. At some point the all gin was gone, and Cox as a good host couldn’t allow his guests to be thirsty. So instead of gin he used a rum. A Bacardi Carta Blanca. Yes, in that time Bacardi was a proud part of Cuban rum heritage.

So what did Cox actually do then that made Daiquri so famous?

Actually nothing special.

According to our unverified source he made a rum collins. Yes, a rum collins or rum fizz without egg white. He took Bacardi Carta Blanca, some fresh lemon juice, sugar and sparkling water. And if you ever worked as a bartender with group of drunk people, then you know how one simple drink mix can become very popular in few minutes. If your answer is yes, then you can imagine how it all began.

And that’s how Daiquiri’s story started. We have a huge luck that it got his name according to a Daiquiri city. Can you imagine if it got his name according to his creator?

Cox Fizz?

Cox Collins?

Ofcourse this is only one small piece of Daiquiri’s history. Cocktail like Daiquiri has a quite long story and we will continue with that story as we get to know other rums. So many stories about this fantastic cocktail and so many variations on it. One of those variations is our Christmas Daiquiri.



30ml Project Christmas Rum

30ml  Havana Club 3 AƱos

20ml Old Judge Falernum

5ml Monin Macadamia Syrup

25ml Fresh Lime Juice

3 drops Island Fruit Bitter Truth Essence Of Cuba

Method: Shake/ Double Strain

Glass: Cocktail glass

Garnish: Cranberries, Lime Peel & Cloves

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