I want to raise a toast for all of you out there who managed trought these twisty times. It is 26.12. the second day of Christmas, so it is gonna be a Christmas twist toast for all of us in these twisty times.


Probably the favorite classic and classy toast of all rum lovers. Second one is El Presidente( for me). For original Daiquiri we need a Cuban rum. What is best rum for Daiquiri than Havana Club 3 Años?

Well beside  Havana, we can add few more good rums on the list for Daiquiri, but today we’re gonna stick to the cuban classic. But only a half of jigger. The rest of the jigger we’ve filled with our Christmas spirit, with Project Christmas in Love with Rum,which gave our classic a special Chritmas note in combination with Old Judge Falernum and Macadamia Nut syrup. We can say a right notes for a right time.  But … in order for our classic to retain its classicism, we must add to it what follows it, a fresh lime juice.  And…a few drops of Island Fruit from Bitter Truth Essence of Cuba, just to highlight a origin of our classic.

Following the unwritten christmas rule that everythin has to be red and green, this cocktail has a  cranberries on the top with fresh lime peel attached with the burned cloves for the glass foot.


 The notes of Macadamia and pimento from Falernum are comming on top of  the drink together with cinnamon from Christmas Project Rum and Falernum. If  the glass is not so chilled I would have a feeling that I have a hot cocktail in the hand acording to my nose. Burned cloves contribute to that feeling.


I think I made a mistake with this cocktail. It should be warm. Fresh citrus togeher with warm notes are calling for hot cocktails. Cold me old fashioned, but toast is a toast, and Daiquiri is Daiquiri and it has to be cold, and shaker has to be frozen when we shake it. So cheers! What I found  interesting for this coocktail is combination with cakes. It pairs well with all that small cakes and cookies on the Christmas table. I tried this one with citrus filled macaroon and it is amazing combination. I would probably use it for the next rum/cocktail tasting.


Old Judge Falernum. That is the finish taste you will have after every sip you take. Barbados rum, cinnamon, vanilla, gingerbread, cloves are aromas that we can find in Christmas Project Rum as well in Old Judge Falernum, so this aftertaste is that what you expected, and what I had in mind creating this wonderfull Christmas  Daiquiri.


I left Old Fashioned version this time for the end purposely. As I usually like to enjoy the end of the day with Old Fashioned I would like to enjoy now the end of this article and year with it. It is also the end of hanging out with our Christmas Project Rum. We had again great and festive month full of cloves, cinnamon, orange and other flavors. But now it is  time to say goodbye to her( I still find this rum like a her) with one special „spring“  flavor that gave us total different but still very christmas and festive feeling.

As a spirit base we will use our Project Christmas rum. Instead a sugar cube we will use Roasted Hazelnut syrup, but only 5 ml because the rum is quite sweet.  And…as a game changer we will use Thomas Henry Essence No.2: Sweet Woodruff created in Thomas Henry’s association with five German bartenders for bartenders.

I guess you’re wondering what we got?


Despite the citrus from lemon peel and sweet woodruff, it still comes out the aromas from hazelnut and rum.


A litlle bit too sweet for my taste. Maybe I should have used less than three drops of essence, because the essence is a litlle bit sweet also. But in the after taste you dont feel the sweet woodruff so much, because the essence somehow encourages  the warm notes from the drink.


For the finish I will allow these fresh warm notes to overwhelm me. With this Xmas/Old Fashioned I feel like that our nice lady from the neighborhood left the bast cakes for  the end, or better we say, she left best cakes for Christmas because I realy enjoy in this drink in the second day of Christmas.

Once more I raise the glass and whish you all Merry Christmas and see you next year!

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