We all know this is the most wonderfull time of the year. And ofcourse the most sweetest time… And today it will be just  like that, sweet, maybe a little bit spicy or bitter, but most of the time it’s gonna be sweet. Reallly sweet.

I guess you all know why.

She is here  with us this magical month, and like all good neighborhood ladies she brought us a chocolate(s). Mosser Roth Chocolates. 

So, I guess you all wonder how that symbiosis tastes like?


That’s what I call a real chocolate! Or my type of chocolate. Dark, dry perfect ballance for this kind of rum. This combinations wakes up hidden aromas from it. From walnut over coffee to lightly pepper notes at the end.


I was expecting a much more, honestly. Expecting more from chocolate, not from rum. Especially what is written on the wrapper. More chilli I can find in the aftertaste from rum, then in the chocolate. Very discreete traces of chlli in the chocolate, so intensive that you don’t feel it at all. It looks more like chocolate with 70% cocoa. So pairing rum with this sort of chocolate was not so special expirience.


In this chocolate orange on the wrapper means orange in the chocolate too. A fresh orange . In combination with Christmas Project Rum notes of dried orange, almond and gingerbread are in focus now. Somewhere behind,there are honey and raisins notes again. Long solid christmas and very fruity aftertaste. More like german Stolen cake.


As I was expecting. Something between Rumchata and Sangsters. Fruity, lightly spicy and creamy, perfect for after dinner time. I find this as a perfect serve, although the combination with orange is my favorite.


My favorite part of rum tasting is pairing espresso with the rum.  Bitternes from espresso, today we have Jacobs Tassimo espresso, and sweetnes from the rum are always creating special flavor. In this particular case we have bitter but light  espresso notes with Jacobs espresso and sweet and aromatic notes from Christmas Project Rum, and all these flavors are creating perfect balance in the mouth. Sightly pepper comes at the end, but for me perosonaly it creaates perfect combination for afternoon Sunday.

Adding one peice speculoos to that combo  and we can continiue to sit in our chair without any worries, enjoy in holidays flavors and wait for next Sunday, or for next Christmas, when we will make some Christmas cocktails.

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