“Simple is beautiful.”

Just a simple square glass bottle, plastic sealed wooden cork, light brown color and the christmas spirit all around us after we opened the bottle. For this infused rum we can say:

“Literally, this is the real Christmas spirit!”

Blend of five caribbean rums together with other aromas create such a feeling that you can easily think that you are not alone.

You are somewhere on a cozy and friendly place. Why?

Because she is here! That feeling can only make a woman. Can we call her femme fatale?

Not at all. She is more like that nice lady from your childhood neighborhood, that makes delicious cakes and you are always glad to see her.

And what is the feeling of coming home or better what kind of feeling is when home comes to your home?

Let’s find out!


Smells like childhood. Oh yeah. Her house smells like vanilla, raisins and cinnamon, and now our house smells like that too. She is trying to make us feel comfortable, even she came to visit us.


The welcome kiss,sweet like honey and we are definitely feeling like home. Orange and gingerbread at the first. Then later only ginger and pepper for the moment. But still very sweet spicy kiss.


Well you will remember this. Honey notes, vanilla, cinnamon ofcourse and home feeling.

Pouring rum over the ice bring us into total another dimension.


Almost the same like without ice. Vanilla, raisins, orange,brown sugar…


We steped outside from our cozy home. It is still sweet, but more serious. Like a „real“ rum. Almost all aromas are here but still with ice some kind of bitterness is awake. No more home feeling. It is better to  say with every sip we just remeber our home, but we know where are we now.


Not so solid aftertaste but still more good than not so not bad.


This 6 years old lady (but pssst! You didn’t find that age statement from me ) brought us home for Christmas. Even I am more „neat“ rum drinker then the guy who mix rum with ice and mixers, I have to say that I liked more version of this rum with one or two ice cubes. It coud be mine „going out for a drink in December“ sort of drink, but if I gonna spend my evening at home, sitting & sipping Project Chistmas In Love with Rum, then the only thing I would add is Chris Rea and Driving Home Christmas on my playlist.

And maybe some coffee or chocolate…

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