It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Toys in every store

But the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be

On your own front door

And so we found this beauty at our front door on the first Sunday of Advent. She came to us as a gift for a new start at the end of the year. Why I call it she?

Simple. Because she is nice sweet and aromatic. Most rums are characterized as male drinks and personally I don’t know so many female rum drinker, but when this beauty came to us everybody were suprised. So much aromas, one interesting style of Rum. Even my wife, who is not rum drinker at all, liked it.

From where she comes?

From everywhere. She is coming from Spirits of Old Man distillery, from Flensburg. From north Germany she came to the south Germany to spend Christmas holidays with us, but her real origin is from Barbados, Jamaica and some other exotic caribbean destinations she decided to keep for herself. So it is with women, something must always remain hidden. Age, origin or all, like in this case. No age statement, just a square shape bottle typical for German “schnapps” with Christmas greeting card with our name. Small but nice detail. Especially with Santa Claus on the label, and his “Have You Been Good This Year” look. Actually with this square look bottle characteristic for their Project philosophy of Spirits Of Old Man, it reminds me on vintage parfume bottles. But in this case 700ml bottles with 40% vol. rum and Christmas bouquet.

It is December and we are in Germany,which means it is cold outside. Especially on the north,and especilly for us with sunny  mediterian/ caribbean origin so somehow I feel her pain. Don’t get me wrong, the guys from Spirits Of Old Man made a good job, as always. Many of their Projects won few prizes so far, so I don’t have doubt that Project Christmas in Love With Rum will also be a succes. And don’t get me wrong about Germany, life in Germany is good, especially in Christmas time. And even today with all these COVID measures and restrictions, you can still fell the Chistmas spirit everywhere. But people like us need sun, need something to „spice up“ our warm blood. So in next few weeks we will try to warm up and spice up all of us in this Christmas time. What spices we have, or what flavors has an exotic rum wrapped in a Christmas gift, we will find out next Sunday.

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