There are many rumors about the history of this cocktail. Acording to Disaronno it was created in the 70’s, and it was the favorite drink of Marlon Brando, the main actor in the movie The Godfather.

Other sources are saying that it was created  20 years before,somewhere in the 50’s by the bartender Donato Antone.

Actually, both of them, Disaronno and Antone were trying to get their peice of cake from the famous movie .But according to our unverified informations the real truth is somewhere between.

The rumor says that somewhere at the end of the 70’s, begining of the 80’s Marlon Brando was sittiing at the bar where Donato Antone was working. Marlon Brando was few scotch deep, but he ordered another one anyway. His glass was quite full of scotch with ice, and Antone was quite tired  of listening Brandos stories, so somehow Antone took the botlle of Disaronno by mistake and poured a shot of amaretto over the  Brandos scotch. Brando took the sip of the drink and made the sad face. Then he raised his glass, looked direct at Anotne and said:

“Look how  they massacred my boy.”

And so the famous classic Godfather was created, according to our unverified rumor, and so we decided to “massacre” even more our classic today.

What have we created and which aromas we have got you can find here.



50ml Zacapa Rum No.23

25ml Amaretto

2 dashes Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters

Method: Stir

Glass: Cocktail glass

Garnish: Orange Peel & Mint

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