Before 70 years ago in Slovenia, which was the part of Yugoslavia started the story about Cockta. They wanted to create unique drink similar to Coca Cola or Pepsi, but instead of making the similar copy they created the unique product. The base for drink was dog rose hip, and another 11 local herbs. Which herbs exactly, nobody knows. Rumor say that creator of Cockta professor Emerik Zelenika decided to reveal his recipe only if Coca Cola decide to do that. They called it The Drink Of Your Youth and Ours, it became popular all over Yugoslavia, over 71 million bottles were sold in first 10 years.


In some parallel universe at the same time just in the different timelines happened two unbelievable things.

1898-1900. Cuba wanted independence from Spain and in that period of time the first bottles of Coca Cola were imported on Cuba.

1988-1990. Yugoslavian countries wanted independence from Yugoslavia, and in that time the first imported rums from South America were smuggled in Yugoslavia.

After independence people were celebrating with their drinks saying:

Cuba Libre! (Free Cuba!)

And in the same time people of Yugolsavian countries were…

Let’s say…creating the history.


50 ml Diplomático Selección de Familia

100 ml Cockta Original

1 dash fresh Lime

Method: Build

Glass: Longdrink

Garnish: Lime

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