Long time ago, when I was still an innocent child, these two drinks were the only two choices in soft drink category. And they were enough in that time. As it was mentioned before: It doesn’t matter what we drink as long as our company is good. Same was with Cockta and Pipi, two drinks which were counterpart to cola/pepsi and fanta/mirinda, but with more original taste, and it would be a quite shame to visit my home town without trying two famous soft drink classics. Of course I am no more an innocent child so the two famous classics will not be innocent too.


Not quite promising name and many of old fashioned lovers will be terrified after this, but I just had to. I poured a splash of orange soda over the sugar. Not over a sugar cube, but over a bar spoon of sugar. Not over white sugar, but over coconut palm sugar. So go on and hate me but I don’t feel bad for that, in matter of fact…


On the nose the drink was like it was expected. Some caramel aroma from rum and sugar, some orange notes gained from orange peel oils, but then it escalated…


Old fashioned lovers can say what they want, but is the funkiest rum old fashioned I’ve try till now. So many aromas were suddenly awake with this combination of coconut palm sugar, Pipi and black walnut bitter, so intensive that all other rum notes are not recognized any more. There is no cherry taste, but from somewhere passion fruit showed up with warm and welcome tropical notes. This could be mai-tai old fashioned version without any worries.


Positive impression at first, and then again surprise with cinnamon, almond and red berries in the background.


Every time when someone would say name “Cockta” the older ones would say “The drink of your and our youth” and it was true. All generations were enjoying, and they are still enjoying in Cockta, but now it is time to try the other face of our beloved soft drink. Family time at home requires family rum, and Diplomático Selección de Familia could be a perfect pair for it, at least according to the name. And some fresh lime too.


Smell of carefree times, and freedom. Of course there are cherry and lime notes, but that is not so important now, because notes of pure enjoy are filling my nose.


Far away from Cuba, far away from USA. New dimension. More herbal and fresh notes. Cherry notes, not sherry, are tis time more intensive, reminding me at long forgotten vinyl times. Vintage times where only a good spent time were valuated as a quality time. Actually that was Cockta representing in that time in Yugoslavia. Good time with good friends and family. It was alternative to Coca Cola, but it was not similar to Coca Cola. Cockta is original. No caffeine, just pure taste of freedom.


Like it said before. Fresh, new, romantic. So good, that I brought few cans from my vacation.

Vacation is over, the bottle of Diplomático Selección de Familia is almost empty, but the heart is full of good time, love and new memories. To conclude this I can say that from one side I have expected more from this rum, especially because I know what qualities Diplomatico can offer, but on the other side I must confess that I had the best memories with it. Good time with my family, good sea view while I was sipping it on my balcony and crazy cocktail twists. As I said it: It doesn’t matter what is in the bottle as long you are having a good time.

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