When you sit with your love ones you don’t look so much on details, you don’t look what is in your bottle as long the thing you drink is good. The thing we drink… Maybe it is a thing or maybe it is a real rum. As I mentioned it last time, there is quite large field of manipulations with rum and the regulations about it, but this time I will not spend my vacation time bothering myself and you with that. I will enjoy in this moment with my love ones. Because time flies, and some moments we can never bring back, and when we revive those moments we will not think about 12 years old rum with 43% of alcohol volume. We will remember only persons with whom we enjoyed those moments, but the taste of that drink will always bring us to that moments. Taste and smell…


Bronze color in this vintage glass reminded me on my childhood when I was secretly looking in my parents’ home bar, actually it was not a classic home bar, it was just a shelf section under TV with the shelf doors which could be opened and transformed into a bar section.  There was a one bronze drink in crystal bottle, probably brandy and few matching glasses. Interesting is that whole shelf had the same smell as this drink. Some pleasant sherry /cedar notes. Or maybe a little bit of cherry…


I would be lying if I would say that taste reminds me also on that bottle because I was very, very young for alcohol in that time. But at this moment Diplomático Selección de Familia will definitely remind me on sweet family time. So much sherry and red fruit that you have ask your self was the rum spending some time in seasoned sherry barrel or ex sherry barrel. So intensive, but still very easy to sip, without that first burn usual for many spirits above 35% of alcohol.


Well…as I said it. It is about the people you enjoy this time, not about rum. But if I have to give some thoughts about the finish, let we say: some oak, some raisins, and some sweet taste that lasts not so long as the memories from this summer will last.

A big disappointed came with ice.



Actually ice woke something in this rum. Still there is sherry, but this time followed with some raisins and caramel


This time some leather, oak and some bitterness. Fresh, but flat taste.


Somewhere at the end there is a still oak presence and herbal notes.

But at the end I must confess that I made personal mistake trying to find out how this rum tastes with ice, because I wasn’t looking on the details. On the back label there was written: Enjoy neat or in sophisticated cocktails.

But it is also written that this is full bodied and complex rum, which I would not agree with. On the first sip we actually get the explosion of aromas. But unfortunately, it lasts same as an explosion, two seconds only. The rest is just the taste of fading memories.

Maybe with some chocolates will be better…

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