Family time in your home town creates home feeling and brings you to the times when you were younger, and no matter how hard you try to resist that felling, somehow it transforms you into that kid you were. Kid that likes sweets without end. In honor to that times Diplomático Selección de Familia will be paired with something different sweets than usual.

NAPOLITANKA KRAŠ & Diplomático Selección de Familia

Probably the best wafer cookie on the whole Balkan. Wafer with hazelnut filling. Crisp and fresh in combination with our rum reveals some hidden chocolate notes from it, and fruits notes with hazelnut aroma are making harmony in the mouth with every bite.

DORINA KEKS & Diplomático Selección de Familia

When this chocolate came to market before 20 years or more became instantly boom on it. It was inspiration for many sweets later like Nutella with biscuits and so on, but I think till now nobody tried to combine this chocolate with rum, especially with rum from Venezuela. Bite of milk chocolate with biscuits and then sip of rum… Perfection! Maybe Diplomático Selección de Familia didn’t show its best qualities at the beginning, but in association with Dorina Keks it dominates the palate.

BAJADERA & Diplomático Selección de Familia

This is pair excellence! Most sophisticated Croatian sweets highlight the every note of this rum. Therefore, it is somthing you just have to try. Bajadera sweets coupled with Diplomático Selección de Familia.

ESPRESSO illy & Diplomático Selección de Familia

Even it is quite sweet, rum in combination with illy Columbian notes from Ands transforms with its sherry notes perfect harmony for afternoon coffee time. Not strong burn with soft illy notes will make every Sunday afternoon relaxing. A quite surprising end. But real surprise will be next Sunday and some homeland cocktail twists…

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