Sometimes we just do some things without thinking, or better say without detailed thinking. Sometimes we just do things just because our heart or inner voice said so. That is the real reason why we have this rum on this sunny Sunday. And why the Adriatic Sea is the background photo of this rum.

Selección de Familia is guilty for that, or better say just name Familia.

This month is dedicated to my family, and this month I am spending my vacation (in Croatia, not in Venezuela) with my family celebrating my parents 40th wedding anniversary.

I never tried Diplomático Selección de Familia before, so I don’t know what should I expect from this rum, but according to my previous experience with Diplomatico rums I am quite good aware that Diplomatico offers the best of his rums only in much more expensive series.

Diplomático Selección de Familia belongs to “entry” series of Diplomatico range, even its price over 60€ would place it next to other “premium” rums like Zacapa 23, Dictator etc.

Familia in its name and luxurious family package with 2 interesting nosing glasses to share this 70cl bottle with your love ones were the reason to get this rum. Shiny dark bottle with vintage Don Juancho label seems quite premium and “eye catchy”, so I couldn’t resist to get it.

As a matter of fact, only few basic information at the first sight were quite enough to convince myself to buy it. One of them is that Diplomatico Rum is family owned brand. The second fun fact is that at the end of the 1950s, when my parents were born, the four main liquor distribution companies in Venezuela were grouped under the name of Licorerías Unidas S.A (LUSA), and the third one is: On August 22, 2002, just two days after my parents celebrated 20 years of their marriage, LUSA became Destilerías Unidas, S.A., a 100% Venezuelan private company. If this wasn’t a fate, I don’t know what it is…

Just like that, no detailed research, no age rumors( up to 12 years, but pssst…) nothing. I just followed my heart. It could be just a good marketing trick, or it could be the biggest surprise, but in any case this time with rum will be nice quality family time. Is it worth to select my family time to spend with Selección de Familia we will see next Sunday when we going to find out what family values are in this family package.

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