Yes, you read it good. For less than 20€ you literally get the first class flight ticket from Barbados to France. To Grand Champagne Cognac Region. On Old Gregg, a brown pelican the mascot of Plantation Rum and national bird of Barbados.

So come on board!

We are starting our flight from West Indies Distillery in Barbados, where Plantation Rum Grande Réserve fermented for 72 hours, and then it was produced in Column and Pot Still way and spent few years in used American oak barrels. From ex-bourbon barrels we are flying all over ocean to Chateau de Bonbonnet in France where Bajan rum stays some time in ex-Cognac barrels.  We heard it is 5 years in total, other rumors saying that it is five years in ex-Bourbon barrels and one year in used Cognac barrels but as we said at the beginning: Age statement on rum bottle is always a rumor.

So we will not bother with the age as long the blend is good, and what kind of blend we have we will find out next Sunday. For now we are satisfied with the look of our “flight”. Nice and clear shape of 700ml bottle, very similar to some bottles from other Barbados distilleries like Doorly’s or Foursquare. The bottle is “bartender friendly” because it has a long and slightly curvy neck perfect for handling and it also has a slight loose raffia net around the body so it should prevent slipping if you take it with wet hands. Inside the bottle there is a copper-bronze rum with cork waiting to pop up, but it will have to wait next Sunday as we said. According to the producer Plantation Rum Grande Réserve  it is made from 100% sugar cane juice which makes it similar to Rhum Agricole, what makes perfect sense because this rum has French roots, but it can’t be Rhum Agricole while it is not coming from French islands.

And that is the whole beauty of rum(or)s. They all have sugar base, they all (should) spend some time in the barrels, and they all have their stories with which they are seeking to reach us.

Till next Sunday and cork pop sound!

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