With new years decisions you have to be tough, you need to have your attitude and signature. You must be yourself, or this Sunday you have to be Le Must. French rhum, but…

Rhum that doesn’t 100% belong to the rhum agricole. Despite the french speaking region, despite the distillation of fresh sugar cane, this rhum has something that puts it above other rhums. It doesn’t come from Martinique, and it is also made from distilled molasses. And unlike agricole rhum, Le Must gives its signature und versatility to adjust itself to cocktails as well as drinking this dram pure.

Namely, today is the second Sunday of the month, which means that the cocktails will have to wait a little bit.

Savanna Le Must


This dram doesn’t lie.On the nose is really fruity, just like it says the label on the back of the bottle. Pear, banana, more like overripe banana, and raisins. But for the full experience on the nose, you have to let it breathe a little bit in the glass. Then the real spectrum of scent notes start to act. As the rhum slowly  breathes, the scent starts to be  more and more  intensive and versatile.  Now we have honey notes with bread imbued with classic rhum agricole vegetale notes. We can assume that a real surprise awaits us at the first sip. 


All 45% of alcohol volume is hitting you at the start, the same as the alcohol vapor  kicks your nose when the rhum is swirled in the glass. But that is the attitude of real dram. It starts with some crispy bitterness, probably from molasses, then black pepper continues to play its role till the sugar comes  on top, or better say cherry…
Literally the sweet notes are coming at the end, like the whole taste process, just without salt for now.. Near the raisins and pear, one special flavor showed up. Sour cherry, with the hint of oregat.


Long,lasting, mouthful finish, with some leather,oak and you can guess…salt at the end.

Le Must Savanna

Decisions are decisions, and what we decide we have to assure that promise. At least to ourselves. So let’s bring this dram on ice.


On the nose, with ice in the glass, I found light notes of Italian kentucky tabac, specific for Toscano cigars.


Salt n’ sweet I could say with the taste of cakes. With the ice, more sweet notes came out.


Not so impressive like it is without ice but it has still a solid aftertaste with a light fruity aftertaste combined with butter and bread notes.

Savanna Le Must served on ice

Rumors say nine years in oak barrels. But what nine years? So many different aromas, aftertastes, scents in one place…

Can’t wait to combine Le Must with chocolates and espresso. I mean, I can’t wait till next Sunday…

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