Cocktails n’ Sunday. And rain n´ Le Must Rhum. Not the best atmosphere for chilling, but it has its advantages. When we think about our decisions, we always forget one thing. Promise ourselves to enjoy every moment,in every small thing and in every situation. Even though it is raining outside…

Old Fashioned Cocktails

These are probably the last winter days before spring and summer, which means in the moment of the hot summer days we’re gonna miss this feeling. Cozy warm home with home feeling drinks. That’s why we have today two similar but still diverse drinks.

Classic rhum old fashioned and rhum cola reduction old fashioned. As I said, similar but totally different,  the same Le Must Savanna quality which is developing in two different directions- serious and funky old fashioned.


Sugar cube, Angostura bitter and splash of soda. Classic way for classic Sunday. Except for the not so classical taste. Sugar and water are leaders in developing and bringing special notes of banana and pear from Le Must rhum. Angostura highlights the caramel aroma of rhum. All together, we have one wonderful and balanced drink perfect for a cozy rainy day like this Sunday.



Notes of pear are highlighted on the first because of a fresh piece of pear that I put as a garnish, but behind it comes caramel and licorice.


As we could expect, Savanna provides a quality bitter-sweet symphony combining its inner sugar molasses with sugar and Angostura bitter. I don’t have to mention  that pear is dominant together with banana notes, that actually gives this Old Fashioned serious look and taste..


A finish is so impressive, that is going to be my new reminder when someone says Rum Old Fashioned. Exactly what someone who likes classic Old Fashioned like. 


I have to be honest. I “stole” this coke syrup recipe from my brother from another bar. Bartender Kevin Kos from Slovenia. Even though I have my own clear cola syrup recipe, I decided on this one for two reasons.

1. Kevin’s passion about cocktails and the way how he explains in his videos everything in detail.

2. This cool handmade glass (can) which I found a few years ago in France. Actually they are normal Coca-Cola cans, but after use I turned them into cool “drinking glasses”. That’s why the color of the syrup wasn’t so important for me in this review.

What is important is the taste which developed from cola syrup, dash of cherry bitter and splash of soda. It reminded me of my experiment with Dr.Pepper Cuba Libre, except with the lack of lime juice in the taste, but somehow Savanna Le Must and Kevin’s Cola Syrup made that this version of an Old Fashioned have a citrus taste also.

Cuba Libre Fashioned


Despite the mint that I gently slapped before I used it as a garnish, some citrus notes from coke syrup are still coming from the drink. Something like mojito but with molasses sugar. Infuence of molases in Le Must can’t be hidden.


Unusual “funky” taste. If we’re going to take Le Must Old Fashioned as a “serious” Old Fashioned drink, then Cuba Libre Old Fashioned is his younger brother who doesn’t care about family reputation. Sweet, fresh and gives that young spirit feeling.

Ofc, we can find cola, caramel and cherry notes, but the whole taste is not developing itself so serious as it develops by classic Old Fashioned. It is more fresh, young, something that brings childhood memories, just this time with rum.


As I said, childhood memories… Maybe it will not sound professional but in the end this is not professional and official rum magazine, so I can normally say that this combination leaves the aftertaste of some vinyl and stress free times. A little bit of cola, a piece of molasses liquid and some cherry on top,or bottom of the glass, and we have the aftertaste that not so many spirits could create. Although, it is not about spirits it is about us and how we feel in that moment. 

And the moment to say goodbye to this rum has come. In March, we fulfilled our New Year’s resolutions from January, we enjoyed all kinds of combinations of this versatile rum.

Personally, I think this rum will regularly take its place in my home bar. Maybe because of the price, maybe because of the range of flavors it has in various combinations. Or maybe because it is my “first” rhum that I wrote a review about. My first New Year’s resolution that I made.

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