“I’m gonna eat less candy.”

One of the most usuall decisions that we make every year, every day, every month just to break them. Breaking this decision is the one of the sweetest feeling ever. Literally. Especially with Savanna Le Must.

You don’t belive me?

Le Must Rhum pairing with chocolates & espresso

LE MUST & illy Lungo

Longer espresso- longer pleasure, and when we add to that a double shot of Le Must Savanna rhum…

I took this combination, just because the rhum needs more time to breathe, and I can’t sit without good sip.

Espresso aromas are in this case a little bit lighter, all notes are here but a little bit smoother. Just like Le Must after few minutes of breathing in the glass. Bitterness from espresso is right companion to the bitterness of Le Must. Le Must is rhum with no additional sugar or additives, just pure molasses and sugar cane. We don’t have here bittersweet symphony, but we have a symphony of aromas that are fulfilling both of the components into one creation. Creation of (en)joy.

LE MUST & Dark 70% Cocoa

On the first perfect match. A classic example of rum & chocolate pairing. Moser Roth 70% Dark Cocoa is enough sweet and creamy to pair this dram, but still as it was my first choice to test, I will wait with conclusion.

LE MUST & DARK 85% Cocoa

In comparison to this chocolate, Le Must has a sweeter note than before. Especially if you take a sip after the first bite. Actually I am having a feeling that this pairing will be very interesting. So many sweet notes are coming out after dark chocolate. Unbelievable.

Moser Roth Chocolates & Le Must Rhum

LE MUST & Dark 90% Cocoa

As I said, unbelievable! This rhum makes wonders with every chocolate.

Sip after bite- nothing happens.

Bite after sip- wood notes and dark notes from chocolate turning this duo into the sherry wine notes. 

Not the best pairing but for sure one of the interesting pairings. Sweet,a little bit sour, then come the wooden and deep notes.

LE MUST & Milk Chocolate

Only with extreme r(h)ums like Clairin I would notice the difference with milk chocolate. Almost 90% of all pairings taste the same. As well as rum cream liquer. 10% makes a difference, but only with a very and high sensitive palate.

LE MUST & Milk Caramel

Caramel is always a good upgrade for every rum pairing, especially if we add a bit of milk in it. In this combination the fruit notes from Le Must rhum are quite highlighted with a pinch of salt in caramel chocolate.

LE MUST & Bourbon Vanille

First sip and the bite- perfect symbiose.I think I could enjoy the whole day in this sweet combination. For instance… that is a decision that I would never break, as long as I have Le Must and Bourbon Vanilla white chocolate. Bourbon notes and cognac notes together with chocolate sweetnes and rum bitternes are something that you just have to try.

Le Must Rhum & Moser Roth

The sweetest Sunday decision came to an end, not by my choice. If I had been asked, I would combine Le Must with espresso and bourbon vanilla…and 70% Cocoa.

But it’s cocktail time…

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