Age statement on rum bottle is always a rumor, as we said it before. Almost always, except in Dos Maderas case. In Dos Maderas Distillery they brought age statement on one level more, or two. Age statement on Dos Madera bottle is not a rumor, it is a math, or it is one sort of coding combination. How else to explain this:5+3, 5+5, PX 5+5…

Or in this case: 10y + 5+ 5 PX= Triple aged

To understand this mathematical task we have to know few rules, just like in real life math.

First let we understand what Dos Maderas means. On Spanish Dos Maderas means two barrels, or two woods and that is actually what describes the whole philosophy of their distillery. They are ageing their rums in one part of the world for some years in one sort of barrels, then they are moving that rums onto other place of the world and ageing again in another sort of barrels.

Results in theory?

Rule: 5+5

The secret of 5+5 lays in Caribbean and Guyana rum, which were distilled in various pot stills and methods, and then they were spending 5 years in ex-bourbon barrels. After five years ageing in Caribbean, light and refined Caribbean rum, and full-bodied Guyana rum are traveling from Caribbean to Bodegas William & Humbert in Jerez, Spain, where rums spend another three years in Paolo Cortado and then two years in Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels.

So what is then 10y + 5+5 PX= Triple Aged?

Answer: Dos Maderas Selección, the best rum from both worlds.

But we will solve this combination slowly.

10y is the age of rum from Barbados & Guyana

5 is the age of the best 5+5 Dos Maderas Solera rum.

5 PX represents 5 years in Pedro Ximenez barrels where these two rums will be, after they arrive in Spain.

This whole process is written on detail designed 70cl bottle, where we can see triple aged sign, a ship which deports rum from Caribbean, Barbados and Guyana to Jerez, and of course golden label that shows Dos Maderas Seleccion is made from the finest and oldest soleras rum. All that is signed by Paola Medina, master blender of Dos Maderas rum.

Result of math task?

In theory the result is very, very good, because I already tried 5+5 PX, so Dos Maderas Seleccion should be improved version of already excellent 5+5 PX. But that is just a theory, and we all know that sometimes theory and reality don’t play for the same team.

To find out what is the result of 10y+5+5 in reality, you will have to wait next Sunday and next rumors.

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