I wish I have champagne to celebrate the result in reality, but luckily this is a rum blog, so for now we will not use champagne in it, except when we going to make an Old Cuban. But that is another story and another rum.

In this story we are selected. We are the chosen ones. Selected by this wonderful dark mahogany rum. Seduced with his scent soon as we poured it in the two labeled glasses that came together with the bottle.


Just bringing the glass near the nose shows us with what kind of rum we are dealing here. Rich aroma of dried fruits and plums. Oak and caramel are filling our noses and air around us. Very intensive. Interesting fact is that with swirling rum in the glass, alcohol vapors are minimum. Barely noticed, what is a very rare case when we swirl alcohol in the glass. That feeling when you came somewhere where you haven’t been for a long time, a place where all the smells from room bring you back to that happy time, and now you want to stay there for a while, and inhale those smell. That’s how my nose feels when it is in the glass with Dos Maderas Selección. But we can’t stay forever, we have to describe the result of our task.


And we can all agree that we are quite happy and satisfied with solving this task. Dry and sweet at the begging, just like 5+5, but then oak starts to take a role together with sherry. It is still dry and sweet, but now it continues to develop aromas slowly, like with every moment we are finding something new. Like raisins, baking spices, apricot…Even I dare to say a hidden floral notes, usually characteristic for agricole French rums. But only in traces. What I find also interesting is that sweetness doesn’t come from added sugar. It comes from sherries.


It justifies its name. Dos Maderas- two oaks. Or in this case- too oak. Long lasting finish filled with plums, raisins and you can guess oak. I am even a little bit sad because I will have to try it with ice, therefore I really enjoyed in this moment, that I want it to last.



On the first sight I was wrong. Same notes but with freshness. Like someone left opened window in that room in early dawn.


Still rich and complex, but not so gentle like before. Like ice woke up some sleepy spicy notes from somewhere on the first. Later while the ice is melting it becomes its old version of itself, but quite colder.


Too bad that we can’t say the same for finish. Wood and oak are still here but not so intensive like before. When better I think I have the feeling that one wood in Dos Maderas is oak, but the other one is plum, because it is missing here, and I really liked it.

How to describe the first stage of getting result. Till now our results in theory and reality are 98% of what we were expecting, but the real challenge comes next Sunday when we going to pair its sweetness with her sweetness- chocolates.

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