I like Sundays, because Sunday is the only day in week when I can really enjoy. And today I really, really enjoy in things that I like the most: rum, chocolate and espresso. Wonderful rum Dos Maderas Selección with wonderful chocolates Moser Roth. As usual we have today dark chocolates with 90%, 85% and 70% of cacao, and one special chocolate from Moser Roth is with caramel and sea salt which will be interesting to pair with our rum that spent most of his time on tropical islands.

So lets start!

ILLY ESPRESSO & Dos Maderas Selección

Selección Arabica Selection Columbia with Dos Maderas Selección is making perfect start of the Sunday. Easy and light notes of espresso with something “heavier” notes of Dos Maderas Selección are perfect balance even for morning chill. Warm notes on the nose from both drinks are making this Sunday morning even better, and fruit notes are so good balanced that sometimes you have a feeling that they are coming from the same area.

DARK 90% COCOA & Dos Maderas Selección

Full and rich taste of dark chocolate is wonderful fulfilled with rich and fruity aromas of Dos Maderas Selección. As I was expecting this would be my choice for evening desert, strong aromas would be prefect pair with one cigar to complete the experience.

DARK 85% COCOA & Dos Maderas Selección

This is a much sweeter variant and more suitable for occasional rum pairing. Enough bitter, but also enough sweet to catch sweetness from rum and highlight the fruit aromas from rum. Creamier variant than the combination before.

EDEL BITTER 70% COCOA & Dos Maderas Selección

When we compare this chocolate to a previous two, this looks like a “civil” version of chocolate. Slightly creamy than previous, more pleasant and mild taste. In combination with Dos Maderas Selección Edel bitter creates a next level desert, more defined and sophisticated taste where rum and chocolate are creating completly new flavor.

CARAMEL SESALT & Dos Maderas Selección

Salt in small traces in combination with a barely perceptible taste of caramel was a quite disappointment for this pairing. I must say, I was expecting more from this. Let’s be clear, it is not the bad, but in my career I tried very tasty salted caramel flavors, so I was thinking that this will be the winner. Unfortunately, it is nothing special. It is a little bit salty, it is a little bit creamy but it doesn’t match the aromas and flavors from Dos Maderas Selección, and that is the biggest disappointment. Actually the aftertaste is quite interesting, but still I was expecting that this will be the winner.

Even I am a huge fan of dark chocolate, I was expecting that salty caramel chocolate will give the extra kick to Dos Maderas Seleccion, but at the end we got another winner. Not so bitter like the ones with 90% and 85% of cocoa but still enough bitter to initiate a whole new flavor and taste together with Dos Maderas Seleccion.

With huge interest I’m waiting next Sunday where we going to pair our rum with cube sugar, and maybe some homemade coffee liquer, because Sundays are made to be enjoyed.

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